Cycling in Versailles city and park : Splendour, Tranquility and Enchantment

Updated in September 2016
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View on Versailles Palace from the Grand Canal - Cycling guide in Versailles city and park by
View on Versailles Palace from the Grand Canal

Cycling around the Versailles Park is a classic, but in addition to this marvelous ride, how about discovering the "real Versailles" by bike : passing its beautiful squares surrounded by small shops, riding through those little streets full of history and, especially, admiring splendid views on monuments, a special reward for cyclists as walkers have already given up.
First, with your little bike, you will follow the traces of the French Revolution and the secret of French perfume through small streets and hidden garden of Versailles. After the charming Antiques District, you will continue to the marvelous Versailles park where you can admire all the remarkable places. Your bike trip will end at the top of the Piece d’Eau des Suisses pond where you can admire the view of the Palace, glittering in the sunset, a sweet souvenir from this bike journey.

New: Our e-guide also includes an alternative circuit in case the southern gate of the park "la Grille des Matelots" is closed.

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Connected routes

Connections are provided in our e-guide and in the detailed maps included in the e-guide.

Alternative route

Our e-guide includes an alternative route which will allow you to discover the main points of interest in Versailles just like in our main circuit even when secondary access gates to Versailles park are closed.

Antique dealers areas in Versailles - Cycling guide in Versailles city and park by
Antique dealers areas in Versailles

To see and visit on the way:

  • The Royal Tennis Court (salle du jeu de paume): free entrance from Tuesday to Sunday only in the afternoon.
  • Court of Scents (la Cour des Senteurs) and its garden
  • Versailles Palace: Opening times from Tuesday to Sunday, except some holidays.
  • The buildings of Grande écurie and Petite écurie, impressive former stables of the King, in front of Versailles Palace
  • Antique dealers’ area with its picturesque network of courtyards and narrow streets.
  • Musée Lambinet: Open from Monday to Sunday PM, except Fridays and Bank-Holidays.
  • Two famous historical Churches of Versailles: Notre-Dame and Saint-Louis.
  • Gardens of Versailles Palace: Paid entrance on days when there are Musical fountains shows or Musical garden shows, free entrance ouside this stated schedule.
  • Riding along the Grand Canal, with marvellous views over Versailles Palace and Marie-Antoinette’s estate.
  • Swiss Ornamental Lake (Pièce d'Eau des Suisses), a romantic lake where you can admire the entire Palace of Versailles.
The "Swiss Ornamental Lake" (Pièce d'Eau des Suisses) in Versailles

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