Terms and Conditions

Company :

Company type : sole proprietorship
Address : 138 bis avenue de la Résistance - 92350 Le Plessis Robinson - France
SIREN # : 792 651 978 R.C.S Nanterre
Intracommunity VAT # : FR 73 792651978
Email : contact@veloiledefrance.com
Publishing director : David Chabbal et Marie-Florence Chabbal-Ton
Website hosted by GoDaddy

Terms and conditions of sale :

  1. Agreement of terms
  2. The customer acknowledges having full knowledge, before completing the order, of the specific conditions of sales set out on this page et expressly declares full acceptance. All transactions between veloiledefrance.com and the customer are subject exclusively to the following terms and conditions as soon as payment is completed.

  3. Price
  4. Indicated prices for each download are provided in euros but do not include any tax. As the french micro business status applies, there is no VAT due.

  5. Payment
  6. Payment is done by credit card or with a Paypal account, in full and without discount. Payment is managed by Paypal which submits its own terms and conditions.
    If using a payment card in another currency, conversion is done by Paypal under Paypal's terms and conditions.
    veloiledefrance.com has no information on means of payment used by the customer with Paypal.
    After each payment, the customer receives an email with a receipt including the total amount payed and the files purchased. An invoice is available on request by writing to contact@veloiledefrance.com.

  7. Delivery information
  8. Files bought on the veloiledefrance.com website are digital goods to be downloaded only. Once the payment is settled, download links are provided. The customer may either download files immediately from the receipt page, or from the automatic email sent to the email address filled by the customer on validation of the cart. The files can be downloaded during a 48 hour period following the purchase. After this 48 hour period, the download link is no longer valid.
    No physical medium may be provided.

  9. Right to withdraw and refund
  10. The right to withdraw and refund is not applicable to donwloadable digital goods (european directive on e-commerce of june 2011). The sale is regarded as final and complete as soon as the download begins.

  11. Copy protection - Copyright
  12. The works produced by veloiledefrance.com (routes, comments, photos) are subject without restriction to copyright protection under the French Intellectual Property Code. They are for private use only. The customer undertakes not to allow any copy of the downloaded files, nor to publish copies of these routes, by any means. If the customer creates a map on Google Maps using the KMZ file, the map should not be shared public. Routes are not to be published on any sharing platforms.

  13. Disclaimer
  14. The suggested routes have been designed and tested so as to ensure maximum safety to our readers. However, veloiledefrance.com is not liable for the present state, accuracy and completeness of published descriptions and photos, and for the quality of used paths. Similarly, veloiledefrance.com shall not be liable for any damages, material or physical, that may occur while cycling on described routes. Finally, the routes of veloiledefrance.com is intended to an audience that is aware of cycling safety instructions and of traffic rules and regulations, and who is comfortable enough about cycling near to motor vehicles.

  15. Update of routes
  16. veloiledefrance.com reserves the right to amend or update the description of routes without notice. Those amendments are intended to keep or enhance the quality of routes depending on evolutions in cycle networks and highway maintenance (long period roadworks, opening of new cycle paths, etc...).

  17. Personal data
  18. The only data you have to provide is a valid email address so as to receive the electronic email including the download links. Those links allow you to download the files during a period of 48 hours (so you can do it if you could not do it right after buying them). No email address is sold, given, or exchanged by veloiledefrance.com.